Spektrum DX7s Special Edition (SPM7800EU)(Receivers and transmitters)



Spectrum presents its advanced flight-control system Remote DX7s. Based on the popular DX8 platform, also has the spectrum DX7s of house from a telemetry function, an SD card interface, 20 model memory and is full of other great features you'll find in any other 7-channel system of this class.

Compared with its predecessor, the DX7s has significantly improved ergonomics and a generous extensible and user-friendly software. She has also quadruple ball bearing sticks, is LiPo-ready and prepared to use telemetry. The SD card interface gives you a convenient way to update the software of your DX7s and also allows easy transfer of data. So also model presets can be transferred in this way, so you not only avoid potential programming errors, but with your new model also are considerably faster in the air.

The spectrum DX7s is a full-range 2.4 GHz DSMX 7-channel remote control system which is the first in its class, high-end features such as a selectable modes 1-4, a spectrum Data Interface, programmable Revo-mixer and a gas-activated timer .

The DX7s is an absolutely worthy successor to the popular DX7 who has received the right places significant improvements. In particular, the new software, the telemetry capability and SD card interface make this product unique in its class.

Aircraft Specific Software

8 surface types: Normal, 2 ailerons 1 flap, one aileron and one flap, one aileron and 2 flaps, 2 ailerons and flap 1, 2 ailerons and 2 flaps, elevon 5 tail types: Normal, V-tail, two elevators, two rudders, two vertical and two rudder 3 position flaps with flap delay and elevator compensation Programmable Dual Rates and Expo Programmable differentiation 6 programmable mixes

Helicopter-specific software

5-point throttle curve 5-point pitch curve 5-point rear curve 6 swash plate types 6 programmable mixes

System Software Features

20 model memory Telemetry acoustic and vibration alarm Built-range test Mode 1 to Mode 4 are freely selectable Gas or switch activated timer Servo Monitor Selectable language (eg German, English)

DX7s characteristics at a glance:

128 x 64 pixel screen resolution Helicopter and airplane programming 2048 steps of resolution 2000 mAh Ni-Mh battery 20 model memory Model / data transfer via SD card advanced DSMX technology, including telemetriefähigem full-range 8-channel receiver AR8000 (only in set SPM7800 included) Mode 1-4 selectable Model Match prevents the selection of the wrong model memory Range function test Real-time telemetry capability Software updates and other model memory via SD card ServoSync: servo synchronization with CCPM and dual servo-control Gas or schalteraktivierbarer Timer Power cord with country adapters 8 surface types 5-point throttle curve 5-point pitch curve 5-point rear curve For any servos 6 programmable mixes Programmable in-flight gyro gain Flaps with elevator compensation delay Menu language selection (German, English, Italian, French, Spanish) Low-Battery Warning Programmable Flap System Swashplate mixer Coach Fashion Selectable area for global regulatory compliance 3 Space flight modes 3 programmable dual rates 3 programmable helicopter mixer Additional Microtrimmung 4 swash plate types Differential Digitaltrimm



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