Sukhoi 29S 30E Green/Red [011009](Planes)

Following the huge success of the Katana 30e, the all new SebArt Sukhoi-29 30e is the most recent addition to the super lightweight, strong, electric 3D planes from Sebart. Designed by world class pilot Sebastiano Silvestri, the Sukhoi features revolutionary landing gear lift generators which give the plane an impressive thrust to weight ratio and crisp, precise control authority at any speed range or flight condition. Combine this with the ultra light weight construction and large control surfaces, the Sukhoi-29 30e can do any manoeuvre in the book, waterfalls, blenders, harriers and torque rolls, all are well within the capability of the Sukhoi-29 30e


Wing Span: 51,18 in

Length: 51,18 in

Weight: 44 oz




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115 €


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