Sukhoi 29S 30E yellow/black [011083](Planes)

High performance aerobatic plane for 3D flight. Ready built in classic wood construction and covered with film. Very light but also very durable, one of the best planes in it`s class.


    * Wingspan approx.: 1,3 m
    * Fuselage length approx.: 1,3 m
    * Wing area approx.: 37 dm²
    * Flyingweight: 1500 g

Recommended Electric Setup:
Setup 1: Hacker A30-14L Motor, 14 x 7E APC Prop, X-55 SB Pro ESC
Setup 2: Hacker A30-10XL Motor, 15 x 8E APC Prop, X-55 SB Pro ESC

Recommended Batteries: Thunder Power RC 2250-3SP30, 2250-3SP45, 2600-3SPL2, 2700-3SP30 or 2650-3SP45