High Voltage DH16-FMD(Izpildmehānismi)

Pilnībā programmējami High Voltage izpildmehānismi, jeb servo:

Izmērs:32.0 x 16.0 x 31.6

svars 31,0g

mašīnas ātrums (sec/60 deg @ 6.0/7.4V) - 0.16/0.14

griezes moments (Holding torque) (kg/cm @ 6.0/7.4V) - 10.0/12.0

Metāla zobrati

Dubultie bumbiņu gultņi (double ball bearing)

Max ieejošā voltāža  nedrīkst pārsniegt  8.4V

Atlas Digital High-Voltage DH Servos. These run on 6.0V to 7.4V input, and are ideal for direct input via LiFePO4 or Lipo 2S receiver packs. And 2S models - such as many gliders and RC cars - can power the DH servos from the main power pack, saving the weight and hassle of receiver batteries or BEC units. 

All Hyperion Atlas servos are fully programmable to define a range of important and useful features that will help you optimize your radio installation. 

A total of 140 degrees available, plus 25% programmable by transmitter, means that as much as 175 degrees of throw can be obtained. So these servos not only guarantee as much control throw as you will ever need, but are also perfect for retract and scale hatch installations. Speed is adjustable from 1% to 100%, and 1% is VERY slow indeed! 

No expensive programming box is needed to access all these useful features - it is a simple cable you attach to your PC. 



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