Spektrum A6060 standarta (Izpildmehānismi)

Digitālie standarta servo mehānismi.

Ātrums: 0.16 sec/60° @ 4.8V, 0.14 sec/60° @ 6V

Dinamiskais griezes moments 47 oz-in (3.4 kg-cm) @ 4.8V, 

Patstāvīgais griezes moments 58 oz-in (4.2 kg-cm) @ 6V


Svars: 36,5g

Izmēri: 38,3x18,4x36,6mm


Pielietojami 40-60 izmēra lidmodeļiem

The A6060's plastic gear train, digital precision and class leading .14 transit time is ideal for any 40-60 size sport aircraft. Ball bearing support helps assure that accuracy will continue through the long life of the servo. The 5-pole motor delivers exceptional power to the tight nylon gear train.
Upgrading your standard analog servos to the A6060 will make a model feel brand new. The A6060 offers class leading performance with the bonus of digital precision. It’s a standard size servo with heavy-duty features such as ball-bearing support and precision nylon gears. To communicate the fast transit time of today’s outstanding 2.4GHz technology, deadband of the servo has been lowered as much as possible so your commands happen faster and more accurately.



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18 €


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